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Illam Sightseeing Tour

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Difficulty : Comfort

Reference Code: ISTNP

Trip Start: Illam

Age: 10 year to 70 years

Season: Spring, Summer and Autumn

Accommodation: Hotel

Service: Full board

Destination: Nepal

Trip End: Illam

Trip Durations: 5 Days

Physical Rating: Comfort

Group Size: 1-40

Theme: Sightseeing

Meals: Standard

Situated in the eastern region of Nepal, Illam is known as the "Queen of Hills" Surrounded by green tea garden, the hilly district of Illam lies in Mechi Zone. The former name of Illam is Charkhola for being at the centre of four rivers - Mailkhola, Jogmai, Puwamai and Daumai. The people residing on the outskirts of the district still call Illam as Charkhola. 

Illam is a very popular tourist destination among internal as well as foreign tourist for having face to face expereince with natural beauty biological diversity and ancient tradition. The tourist love to call Illam as a heaven on earth, Everyone gets attracted to lush-green tea garden, lovely view of Himal and healthy and clean environment of Illam. The physical structure and beauty of Illam is so enchanting that the world famous hill station of Darjeeling lags behind. Thousands of nature lovers from Darjeeling and Siliguri of India flock to Illam to get relief from the hassles of daily life and to relish the beauty of nature in and around the districts. Love birds and hundreds of tourist move from one part of tea garden to another in groups taking maps, which catches the eyes of one and all. One can get bus to Illam at new Bus Park from Kathmandu. 

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Day 1: Antu Danda:

It is situated at an altitude of 1677m in Illam District.It is famous for its unique views of Everest and Kanchanjunga.It is the best point for viewing sunrise and sunset.There is a motorable road from Illam to Chhipitar .This Trekking along green hills take 3 hours

Day 2: Mai pokhari

It is located at an altitude of 2438m .It is famous place of pilgrimage in Illam district.It lies at about 13 kilometers north to Illam Bazaar. This beautiful place have a pond .Altogether there are nine ponds in the area some of which are large enough for boats.This place will be nice to visit during ‘Harisayam Ekadashi’ when a one-night fair is held.Mai Pokhari can be arrived in 3 hours from Illam Bazaar in vehicles.we can observe villages like Chureghanti,Bakhaute,Dharpani and Hasbire Bhanjyangon the way with a view of the snowy peaks towards north

Day 3: Kanyam and Fikkal

These places have large tea land and these tea plantation areas are famous among tourists for picnicking.sightseeing and taking photographs.

Day 4: Chhintapu

It is the second highest peak in Illam district. The area has rich forests of Rhododendron, medicinal plants and various species if the birds. We can find about 11 types of Rhododendron in this area.Yarcha gumba and rare animals like red panda and musk deer is also can be seen in this area. The peak cab can be reached by trekking for 4 hours from Illam Bazaar.

Day 5: Gajur Mukhi

It is on the banks of Deumai Khola which is west of Illam.


Note: The cost includes varies with the enthusiam of the sightseeing person so, includes will be delivered as per request only.


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