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Great Himalayan Trail

Great Himalayan Trial


The Great Himalaya Trail is a route across the Himalayas from east to west. The original concept of the Great Himalaya Trail was to establish a single long distance trekking trail from the east end to the west end of Nepal that includes a total of roughly 1,700 kilometers long path. There is a proposed trail of more than 4,500 kilometres (2,800 mi) stretching the length of the Greater Himalaya range from Nanga Parbat in Jammu & Kashmir to Namche Barwa in Tibet thus passing through, India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. Although an actual continuous route is currently only a concept, if completed it would be the longest and highest alpine hiking track in the world.

In November 2014, cross-country hikes of Nepal and Bhutan sections have been undertaken by a well-funded international non-governmental organization and visiting some of the most remote communities on earth, it would pass through the diverse landscapes found in the region including valleys, plateaus and landscapes. Nepal's proposed GHT has 10 sections comprising a network of upper and lower routes. The GHT (so-called upper and lower) currently can be roughly mapped out through existing routes, but these routes may not provide a continuous and uninterrupted trail.